Quantity Surveying Books to Free Download

Quantity Surveying Books Free Download

Construction Technology

Barry’s Introduction to Construction of Buildings

barrys introduction to construction of buildings 2nd edition 125x125 Quantity Surveying Books to Free Download This 2nd edition of Barry’s Introduction to Construction   of Buildings adds considerable new material but remains based on the original concept of explaining construction technology through key functional/performance requirements for the main elements common to all buildings. Of particular note in this new edition are a fully integrated approach to environmental issues and construction sustainability.

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Building Construction Handbook

Roy Chudley, Roger Greeno BA(Hons.)  

Building Construction Handbook 125x125 Quantity Surveying Books to Free Download  Building Construction Handbook is an authoritative reference for all students and professionals. It is full of detailed drawings that clearly illustrate the construction of building elements. The principles and processes of construction are explained with the concepts of design included where appropriate. Extensive coverage of building construction practice and techniques, representing both traditional procedures and modern developments, are also included to provide the most comprehensive and easy to understand guide to building construction.

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The Civil Engineering Hand Book Second Edition

by W. F. Chen

the civil engineering hand book second edition by w.f chen 125x125 Quantity Surveying Books to Free Download The Civil Engineering Handbook, Second Edition is more comprehensive than ever. You’ll find new, updated, and expanded coverage in every section. In fact, more than 1/3 of the handbook is new or substantially revised. In particular you’ll find increased focus on computing reflecting the rapid advances in computer technology that has revolutionized many aspects of civil engineering.

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Measurement of work

Willis’s Elements of Quantity Surveying

Sandra Lee, W. Trench, Andrew Willis

Williss Elements of Quantity Surveying 113x125 Quantity Surveying Books to Free Download The measurement of building elements is a core subject for all quantity surveying students and this classic text, first published in 1935 under the authorship of Arthur J. Willis, sets down the measurement process from first principles and covers the main building elements. It also considers computerised measurement techniques using standard descriptions.


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Building Quantities Explained

Ivor H. Seeley , Roger Winfield

Building Quantities Explained 109x125 Quantity Surveying Books to Free Download A long established text that aims to meet the needs of students studying building measurement in the early years of quantity surveying and building degree courses. It contains a careful selection of 28 worked examples embracing all the principal building elements and including alternative constructional methods to illustrate a range of approaches.



Construction Economics

Construction Economics: A New Approach

Danny Myers